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Mark Richman has been in education for over 48 years - as a math teacher, staff developer, dean, and an Assistant Principal. He has won numerous awards for his teaching skills, among them "Teacher of the Year." He was a camp counselor for 20 years at Trails End Camp, where he further used his talents to work with adoring children in the summer camp situation. He is the author of four best-selling books on classroom management, motivation and values education.

After teaching math for 19 years at JHS 43 and another 5 at Lincoln HS, both in Brooklyn, NY, he headed the Guidance and Math Departments at Erasmus Hall HS for Science and Math also in Brooklyn, N.Y. He then served 3 years as a Staff Developer in the Brooklyn and Staten Island Schools (in NYC). He then taught for another term at Automotive HS in Brooklyn NY before returning to Administrative chores at The HS of Economics and Finance in NYC (right across the street from the World Trade Center – where on Sept. 11, 2001(his 4th day on the job at his new school) he helped evacuate and lead his 700 pupils to safety!

After two more years in the classroom at Port Richmond HS in Staten Island, NY, he retired from the NYC Public Schools and began a new teaching career (Sept. 2004) in his new state of New Jersey, where he currently teaches Math at Columbia HS in Maplewood NJ.

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