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Classroom Management & Effective Teaching of All Children in Both Regular & Special Education Classes Conference

Online (Virtual)

Coming: November, 2022

A dynamic presentation for Gr. 5 -12 teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, and psychologists… anyone who has ever had his or her classroom disrupted by one student (or more)…. for anyone working with difficult, defiant, unmotivated, or emotionally disturbed children in regular or special education classes.

This course is focused on classroom strategies that really make a difference.

As we all know, many students have difficulty with their classroom behavior. Mr Richman, armed with his 40 years of “in the trenches” experience, dealing with the most difficult of students, will present numerous strategies that can be used to greatly assist in handling almost every student in nearly every possible classroom situation.

These practical strategies, which have worked for him for four decades, will greatly enhance your classroom management techniques. The strategies are based on class rules and procedures that will cover nearly everything that might ever arise in your classroom.

These strategies also include fun activities, games, rewards, “shtick” (comedy), study strategies based on the brain research, human relations techniques and much much more. Students will learn how to control their behavior, increase their self-esteem, enhance their academic success, and enjoy coming to class!

$170 per person *

* Small Group Discounts

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this conference,

participants will be able to:

  1. Describe a “toolbox” of specific strategies to improve behavior of children

  2. Develop a set of clear focused rules and procedures for behavioral change

  3. Understand the main causes of behavioral problems in students

  4. Develop an effective behavior management program for the disruptive children in your classes

  5. Explain the specific strategies for the different types of negative behaviors exhibited by pupils in your classes.

  6. Set up effective behavior modification programs: for example, use of the “reward/incentive” system.

  7. Discipline your students. Mr.Richman shares with you his enormously successful experiences in education. His very unique style is punctuated by kindness, firmness and solid human relations strategies.

  8. Develop effective strategies to work with parents

  9. Guide parents to resources and interventions to attain help outside of school as well

  10. Motivate your students. Through a unique combination of games, engaging lessons, puzzles, structured rules, rewards and incentives, your students will become highly motivated. They will be provided with opportunities for success and the building of confidence in a framework of fun and excitement

  11. Build student self-esteem. This presentation will help you gain the insight necessary to aid your students in increasing their self-esteem, so critically important to their personal development.

  12. Assist students in anger management techniques.

  13. Learn how to defuse potentially volatile situations

  14. Implement strategies of “early detection” so that “at risk” pupils can be helped more quickly.
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