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To PTA’s


Hope you are well. My name is Mark Richman. I am currently a teacher at Columbia High School in Maplewood/South Orange, New Jersey.

I have been privately tutoring students for the SAT and ACT for over 30 years. I have become quite expert at helping pupils prepare for these exams.

Many parents are confused about the SAT/ACT process. Several years ago I started presenting workshops at our local library and in school to help parents and students navigate the standardized exam process.

I also wrote a book called “How to Help Your Child Succeed on the SAT and ACT." This book is loaded with strategies to help students and parents prepare for these critical exams.

I would love to present a workshop to parents of New Jersey based on the ideas contained in my book.

I also served as an Assistant Principal of Mathematics and Guidance at a few high schools in New York City.

I lecture teachers on motivating pupils and have written a book called: “Just Let Me Survive Today." It has five editions and I am currently writing a new sixth edition which will include a major section on virtual teaching.

Since mid March 2020, I have been teaching virtually and have put together a very excellent program on teaching during this pandemic. My tech skills have improved tremendously and I would like to share many of my insights into pupil learning during this awful time - from social and emotional to academic.

My workshops are very informative and many say entertaining as well. As a teacher for 48 years now and a staff development specialist down through the years, I have developed, what I think it is, a very effective presentation methodology.

If you are interested, please give me a call at 973-489-6113 or email me at

My website is: . Thanks.

Sincerely, Mr. Mark Richman

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