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Who am I???

I’m Mark Richman!

Mark Richman brings a unique flair to staff development days, training workshops, .... The workshops Mr Richman conducts are “one of a kind,” “unique,” “exceptional,” “super,” “motivational”... You owe it to your students to invite Mr Richman to speak at your next workshop.

Mr Richman has conducted hundreds of lectures for New York City Middle and High Schools as well as workshops all over the country including Boston, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Chicago and more (for a list of workshops and resume click here). He deftly handles many topics including Classroom Management and motivation, classroom discipline, the use of the technology, calculus success, all subject education from kindergarten to college level, getting students to succeed on standardized exams, the brain research and cooperative learning strategies. Mr Richman works with both veteran and new teachers.

Mr. Richman has presented on a range of topics at statewide conferences, workshops at individual schools, parent groups, and much more. He has authored many books including “Just Let Me Survive Today” -- A Primer in Classroom Management and Motivation, and “How to Help your Child Succeed in School” -- the Ultimate Guide for Parents, “Dancing Math,” “The Ultimate Camp Counselor Manual,” and the newly released

"How To Help Your Child Succeed on the SAT and ACT"

Register for Classroom Management Workshop: Nov., 2022

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